Caleb Johnson Studio

Caleb Johnson Studio

How we build is why we build

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We build with care and intention. In our projects and in the company we are building.

Our culture is fueled by the optimistic energy of varied perspectives and true collaboration.


This culture shapes, clarifies and distinguishes our work.


Our clients’ dreams and our collective self-direction come together–balanced by our experience and perspective. 

Design remains our starting point–fueled by discovery and challenge.

Fulfilled by the tactile reality of the building process.


How we build is where the imagination of the designer and the hand of the maker are both

evident–pushing beyond our comfort zone and stepping into the fertile ground of the unknown.


It is how we listen to the language of the materials we choose to use.

It is alive in every action we take. And, in those actions we choose not to take.

In the end, we design and build spaces that we hope will endure for generations.

Because how we build is not merely a process. How we build defines us.

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