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We are architects and planners specializing in the construction of affordable prefab buildings.

Our services support the design, engineering, permitting, and construction stages of our projects, using systematized and prefabricated building systems.

Developed by Toby Long, AIA and tobylongdesign over the past 20 years, the CleverHomes brand is built around an integrated system of design, fabrication, and construction.

We have been designing and constructing prefab building projects for almost two decades.  We are one of the most experienced firms in the industry.

We begin all of our projects with the ideas and inspirations of our clients, and using our templates we adapt prefab design strategies specifically for your projects' unique goals and budgets.

Our open-source construction practice is completely transparent; working together with our clients and a network of factories across the US, our projects are supplied directly from some of the best and most innovative builders in the country.

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